Construction Litigation Attorney in Delray Beach

A sizable Florida construction project involves many people and factors. The more people and money involved in your project, the more complex the contracts become. Disputes are not uncommon when large projects are in question. When you have questions or disagreements arise surrounding the scope of a contract or adding to a project after contracts are in place, an experienced Broward County construction litigation attorney can help protect your rights.

Delray Beach Construction Litigation

Many factors can influence the scope of your construction contract and occasionally extra items can become the subject of dispute. Broward County Construction Lawyer, Shane M. Farnsworth can help you handle a range of construction disputes. Some of the most common issues in construction disputes include:

Don’t let contract and project disputes take your time and money, seek legal counsel to keep your project rolling and your rights protected. If you need help resolving a dispute about a construction contract or project, contact Shane M. Farnsworth today.

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