Will Contests Attorney in Delray Beach

If you or a loved one has been improperly cut out of a will or deprived of a rightful inheritance, an experienced Broward County probate lawyer can help you contest the will. Several factors can influence the success of a will contest, including time, situations prior to death, and legal grounds.

Contesting a Will in Florida

When a Notice of Administration is issued by a representative, you have approximately 90 days to contest a will in the State of Florida. However, in the case of a Formal Notice of a probate proceeding you are only allowed 20 days to contest. This means that prompt attention and action are necessary in disputing your inheritance.

Unfortunately, there are many situations when a will needs to be contested because of wrongdoing prior to death. If the estate plan was altered because an influence took advantage of a person’s weakened state, real estate, bank accounts, or other valuable property could have been signed over to said influence. In the event that the wrongdoing is discovered prior to the victim’s passing, creating a guardianship can allow the guardian to reclaim the fraudulently removed assets. This guardianship will also aid in any future will contest proceeding.

Grounds for Will Contest in Broward County

While there are many caveats to contesting a will in Florida, some of the most common grounds include:

If you believe that you were wrongfully excluded from a will or not granted the inheritance you deserve, a Broward County probate lawyer can help. Contact Shane M. Farnsworth to begin your consultation today.

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