How long does it take to settle a Florida auto accident case?

May 28, 2016 8:18 pm Published by

Every case is different and each case takes different amounts of time. It’s dependent on, number one, the injuries that you have, the medical treatment that you’re receiving.

Until you’re actually done treating, we generally don’t begin the negotiation process. We need to know what your damages are before we start putting a value on what we’re going to demand. When you finish your treatment, then we’ll get into the process where we’ll send a demand package to the insurance company, and we’ll begin negotiations with the adjuster.

If we’re able to come to a reasonable conclusion based on those negotiations, your claim will be settled. If we’re not able to come to a reasonable settlement, at that point we would have to file a lawsuit, it would have to go through the litigation process, and possibly try your case if the case isn’t resolved prior to trial.


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